The RIMC Interview simplified

The interview for admission to RIMC is rigorous and well structured. In the RIMC interview, the candidate has to face a full four to five-member board. 

The board consists of:-
  • Presiding Officer of the rank of Colonel of the Indian Army. 
  • A member who is likely to be a Major of the Army Education Corps.
  • Secretary/ Deputy Secretary from the State Education Board.
  • Director from the State or District Sainik Welfare Board.
  • A faculty of the RIMC (Only for the State of Uttarkhand). 

The first requirement thus is that the candidate is mentally prepared to face a panel of such weight and seriousness. He needs to have nerves of steel and the way to do that is to be well prepared. 

The weightage of the interview is 50 marks and a candidate scoring below fifty per cent of this will not make the final cut.

The major part of the interview will be in the English language, thus the expression of the candidate matters.

The average time taken for the interview is fifteen minutes. The interview can be divided into three parts. 

  • The first part is based on the personal data that the candidate has filled in the form. 
  • The second part tests the candidates overall General awareness. 
  • The third and important aspect of the interview is the presentation and overall bearing of the candidate.

The first part of the RIMC Interview

In the first part of the interview, that is the Personal Details section the panel of interviewers will ask the candidate about himself. These are details that are already recorded in the candidateโ€™s form about the State and place, family, education and hobbies special achievements in academics, sports and extra-curricular activities. The panel will probe your life values, passions. If the candidate has excelled in any particular area then they would like to see the certification for the same.

For the About Yourself Section, the candidate should be prepared for giving a well-rounded answer. Preparing for this requires the candidate to sit down periodically with a pen and paper and attempt to describe oneself in a few paragraphs. 

Personality should seem well developed. This would require a balanced mix of extraversion, conscientiousness, openness to new experiences and agreeableness. One should come across as emotionally balanced. 

The candidate will be asked about hobbies, habits, strengths and weaknesses. These are aspects of one’s personality that one must be able to articulate.

About the town or city that you belong to – write down and develop an answer that reflects a mixture of historical and contemporary highlights of your town. Have a grasp on Population, literacy rates, basic demographics, architecture, places of importance of your town or city. 

The panel may ask you Why do you want to join RIMC. You should have looked at the history of RIMC and have clear insights into its vision and mission. 

Your values and interests

A related question you may be asked is Why do we select you for RIMC. The answer to this question will again be based on your alignment with RIMCs vision. How you can be an ideal contributor to RIMC vision/values. Think about it and write down your answer. 

If you do not have a family in the armed forces you may be asked Why do you want to join Army/ Navy/Air force? You must give clear reasons. Are you inspired by any personality? The answer should be positive. When asked which of the branches of the armed forces you would like to join graded preferences should be given between options.

The second part of the interview

In the second part of the interview, the General Awareness of the candidate is tested. This will cover information about current events etc. For the current affairs section be very up to date with the latest news. One has to prepare for this section by noting daily events of importance happening in the world. 

You also may be asked few questions related to subjects like history, geography, English and science. The level of questions will be of Class 6th and 7th.

How to Dress Up for the RIMC Interview

The overall bearing of the candidate sets the tone for the interview. 

The desirable dress code for candidates is dark colour trousers, light coloured shirt with tie, preferably the school tie of the institution last attended. 

Your verbal communication skills are important. Be firm, clear and speak in a well-modulated voice. There should be clarity of thought when you speak. Try to develop a neutral accent if possible. There should be a clear link between thought and speech. 

Non-verbal communication has to be perfected. Be well dressed, wear formal coordinated colours, have a straight posture with shoulders thrown back and have a pleasant expression. Most of these skills can be developed in front of a full-length mirror with a recording device to check verbal skills.

Prepare, prepare, prepare!! That is the crux of cracking the RIMC interview. 

Go for it!! All the best!!..

Col amardeep

About the Author

Col Amardeep Singh, SM (R):

Ex- NDA, Infantry Officer with 25 years of Service, Instructional Tenures at the Infantry School, Indian Military Academy, and Army War College. Trainer, Coach, Author, Defence Expert, and Motivational Speaker. Director of WEDA.


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