RIMC Mock Test Series

RIMC Mock Test Series | RIMC Entrance Exam Preparation 2023 | RIMC June 2023 | RIMC Mock Tests 2023

โžกFor June 2023 Written Exam

โžก15-30 May 2023

โžก 5 Mock Testsย 

โžก 3 Previous Year Papersย 

โžก Detailed Solutionย 

โžก Video Solution on YouTube Channel

โžก10 Hours of Revision Classes (Between 15 May to 02 June)

โžกExam Tips and Motivation Session by Col Amardeep

โžก Free Interview Guidance Session for successful candidates

โžก Fee: Rs 1750/- (incl of applicable taxes)ย 

โžก Link:ย https://rzp.io/l/jCCM8Sy


For Details: Whatsapp/ Callย +91 7417920356ย ย 

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