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Comparing RIMC and Sainik Schools: Which One’s Right for You

Comparing RIMC vs Sainik Schools Are you in the process of comparing RIMC vs Sainik Schools? Understanding the key differences that impact your journey to the Indian Armed Forces is crucial. Both institutions have a shared goal of preparing students for military careers, but they do so in distinct ways. RIMC, affectionately known as the […]

Admission for girls in Sainik Schools in Class 6th

Admission for girls in Sainik Schools in Class 6 th Admission for girls in sainik schools in class 6th providing equal opportunities and fostering the holistic development of young girls. The induction of women officers in the Regiment of Artillery in the Indian Army, the inclusion of women as fighter pilots in the Indian Air […]


HOW TO CLEAR RIMC EXAM IN FIRST ATTEMPT Colonel Amardeep Singh, SM (Retd) Director, The Winning Edge Defence Academy   Introduction 1.      The Rashtriya Indian Military College (RIMC) is a residential Public School at Dehradun.  It was established in March 1922.  The RIMC is an Inter Service Category ‘A’ Establishment, recognized by CBSE, administered by […]

Free RIMC Mock Test 2022

RIMC Mock test Rimc mock tests are an invaluable asset provided by the Winning Edge Defence Academy. These tests create a supportive environment to help students prepare for the entrance exam of the Rashtriya Indian Military College (RIMC). Students can enhance their knowledge and gain confidence through the expertise and guidance offered by the academy. […]

Best RIMC Interview Coaching in Dehradun

 BEST RIMC INTERVIEW COACHING IN DEHRADUN Download Free RIMC Interview Handout Now! Defence entrance exams are a test of a candidates academic aptitude as well as personality attributes. While academic skills are tested in the written exam, interviews are a test of personality. RIMC Dehradun, is the premier defence feeder institute to prepare the students […]