Crack RIMC Entrance Exam in 45 Days? lets talk about it

Crack RIMC Entrance Exam at Winning Edge with our Experienced trainers, strategic study plans, and constant support will help you excel and secure your future in the Indian Armed Forces. It is difficult to crack an examination that requires you to be number one in your state in just 45 days. RIMC is one of the most prestigious exams in the country. It opens the gateways to a bright future and simplifies your path to join the Indian Armed Forces as an Officer. Besides being the best preparatory institute for the National Defence Academy (NDA) Entrance Exam and Services Selection Board (SSB) Interview,ย RIMCย is one of the oldest and the best public schools in the country. Therefore, if you are updated with the exam syllabus, 45 days of preparation can be crucial and can make or break your chances of success in the RIMC entrance test. Here is the way to do it.

Make a Smart RIMC Study Plan.

Do Own Research: Study the previous yearโ€™s papers and write down the topics that you note are important. Once you do this you will know the relative importance of each topic. So on a paper, you must have a list of all topics in order of importance. Devote time to each topic as per its relevance. Prepare a smart study plan.

Make a Planner: A suggested 45 Days RIMC planner is given in Appendix A. The planner has been divided into two parts of 30 days and 15 days respectively. You must prepare own timetable for 45 days depending on your preparation level. Dedicate at least 3 hours every day to revising the important topics.

Divide Time Wisely: There are three papers, divide the time according to the marks allotted to each subject. Within the subject too, divide the time depending on the weightage given to each topic.

Correct Focus: You may have to skip the easy ones. Smart Study means selective study, but with a plan.

Subject Wise Tips: Each subject requires a different approach. Subject-wise tips are in Appendix B.

Three key steps

You have 45 days in hand. Plan them well. Devote adequate time to make your concise notes. The key is to make topicโ€“wise notes. Once you have covered a topic you move to the next and the previous topic goes into revision mode. Each set of notes should be in a small booklet, which during the revision has to be reduced to a single page per topic.

For Each Topic go through these 3 key stepsย 

At the end of 30 days, you will have completed your notes, revised the topics, and gone over the mock tests once. Half an hour before you sleep, go back and look at the topic that you have prepared the previous day.

ย In the remaining 15 days, take a glance at each topic and focus on mock tests.

These notes should be made in a way that each topic is reduced to one page.

While making notes you will notice that some things have to be memorized. For these make Mnemonics and Short Cut tips. ย Paste them on chart paper in your room. Look at them occasionally, every day.

Make small flashcards of things you want to memorize and put them in your pocket. Whenever you have five minutes take them out and flip through them.ย 

Pen and Paper Mode

Unlike many other exams which are in the MCQ format, RIMC Paper-1 of Mathematics and English is in the pen and paper format, where the answers are subjective. Therefore, the first and foremost is that you should practice attempting as many previous years’ question papers and sample papers as possible.

In Mathematics, you are awarded marks even for the โ€˜stepsโ€™. You need to sit down for 2 hours and write down your answers in a deliberate manner. Work on your handwriting.

Mock Tests Hold the Key to Success

10 Tests in 45 Days: The importance of mock tests cannot be overstated. They are the key to your success. Mock tests should be taken with time kept faithfully and in the exam mode. 10 tests, including the previous years’ papers, sincerely attempted under near-exam-like conditions, will not only boost your confidence but also will help you in shortlisting the topics that you have not completely mastered.

Dress and Time: Be dressed in your uniform, use pens with which you feel comfortable while writing. The time of the mock test, preferable should be the time of the actual exam. This will psychologically condition you for giving your best at that time of the day.

Monitor Your Progress: Check your papers as an examiner would. Seek the help of your parents and teachers in checking the paper. Record your marks and challenge yourself to score better in the next attempt. Solve the wrongly answered questions again. DO NOT leave things to chance.

Calm Your Mind

Donโ€™t Panic: Very often as we near the exam date, we lose nerve and start panicking. As the exam approaches, we start feeling that we are unable to remember the portions we have studied. This is not true.

Trust Your Brain: Our memory consists of two main compartments namely the Long Term Memory and the Short Term Memory. If you have made your notes, revised them, and done mock tests, the content is safe in your long-term memory. It will come back to you when you are giving the exam provided you keep your mind calm. For training your mind to be calm start your mornings with 5 minutes of deep long breathing. Do this at least thrice a day.

Take Breaks: Studying for 10 โ€“ 12 hours per day is not required. A rested mind has better recall ability than an agitated mind. Do study with adequate breaks in between.

Parents Role

Parents/ Guardians can play a major role in studentsโ€™ success. They should spend at least half an hour every day for taking an update and clearing the doubts of the child.

Complicated topics can be better understood by parents from the teacher/ internet and can be explained simply.

Vocabulary, grammar, essay writing, and current affairs, etc can be learned in a joint study format informally.

Provide healthy meals and ease the pressure by taking the responsibility of time planning for the child.

Ensure that the child has a sound sleep by limiting your screen and internet time. Remember, children learn more by observation.

Miscellaneous Tips

You are trying to make it to the RIMC in 45 days. Follow these tips to maximize the use of time:

  • Stay away from Social Media and gadgets for 45 days. If you need a break, take a walk or draw something.
  • Use the internet wisely: Make a list of all the topics that you need to Google. Search in one go. Get all the data in offline mode. While studying, the internet should be OFF>
  • Go the Extra Mile: You can always take out half an hour extra even if you are feeling tired at the end of the day. This is called grit. What you read just before sleeping will be processed by your brain very efficiently. Read light interesting topics in this last lap.
  • Take Help: List out difficult topics and seek guidance from a close friend, sibling, or parents.

Ultimately, end each day with a positive affirmation. I can do it!! I am going to clear this exam.

ย All the best !! May success be yours.

About the Author

Col Amardeep Singh, SM (R):

Ex- NDA, Infantry Officer with 25 years of Service, Instructional Tenures at the Infantry School, Indian Military Academy, and Army War College. Trainer, Coach, Author, Defence Expert, and Motivational Speaker. Director of WEDA.


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