Students Reviews

Sir, I would like to thank the winning Edge academy for proving ssb coaching After taking courses from your academy I have improve alot . I feel a change in myself . I am no longer timid, no longer confuse or nervous, no longer stage fear . I have develop confidence and a sense of pride In me . I love the new me who is courageous, full of confidence and positivity. This is the best ssb coaching I have ever come across .Thank you @maj gen AK Sukla retired sir(interview and diagnostic session ) @ col HDS Bishit retired sir (psyco+gto) @col Amardeep retired sir
Mayanglambam Loyangamba
Good Evening Sir. I wanted to thank you for the online classes conducted by you. It was extremely informative and did clarify a lot of things going in as a frensher. Your patience and dedication made the class all the more engaging.Regards
Shaurya Vardhan
It was more informative session, each and every thing was explained in detail by Lt col Bisht sir. Sir conducted sessions in entirely different manner. First day it was TAT session, he explained in detail. By considering a minute thing to mighty one, everything was clearly explained. He even prepared slides for the session. he analysed our mistake at the same time, gave tips to avoid that. WAT and SRT i had different view in my perspective, with lots of doubts. It was very well explained. Gave many examples with detailed description for candidates, to overcome all the difficulty that usually ssb aspirants face in PSYCH TEST. Time is not at all constraint, sir conducted 3 hours extra session. Finally, sir gave GURU MANTRA. It is absolutely necessary guidance for aspirants.I here by thank Lt col H Bisht sir and COL Amardeep singh sir. The WINNING EDGE. For conducting Sessions at very minimal price for aspirants.Thankyou.
Mahesh Harale
Hello,I took a 3 days session each of GTO & Psych battery test from Col Bisht. I found this mini GTO and Psych test quite useful and informative.I would recommend any aspiring candidate who is appearing for the selection board must attend this mini session of 6 days where a candidate will go through a detailed information about the process of the SSB, your previous mistakes , a mini practice session of TAT, WAT, SRT & SD, Live group discussion, GPE and Lecturette.The best thing about this mini session is that you will get the feedback then and there as to where you are committing mistakes and how it can be improved.Thanks
Rishabh Singh
I took the 3 days psycology package from winning Edge and the session started from 4th may 2020. The class started 7 am in the morning and ends around 12 in the noon . U get break during the session. It was a very good experience for me. I get to know all the test process and what content and action I need to add for TAT, the session on WAT and SRT were eye opening . Moreover the instructions on SD was very good and I found myself need to improve on that. Over all the whole session was very fun and interesting. Thank you @ Lt.col HDS Bisht sir Thank you winning Edge
Sir I here by want to Thank you for all your efforts that you have put in, to inspire and guide us about SSB. I came to know how actually SSB is conducted, how to build our personality and also about how to prepare for SSB. All the sessions were found helpful, being interactive & practice session boosted our confidence, our mistakes were corrected through feedback. Even sessions were extended for hours long to clarify all our doubts. Sir it was great time spent with you all these 6 days, this initiative from Winning Edge made our quarantine holidays a effective one. Sir I am personally inspired by you and I will put my fullest potential to improve myself.- Thanking you
Satish G K
Good morning sir. I'm really happy to inform you that I've been recommended from 21 ssb bhopal. I have even cleared my medicals and have reached dehradun yesterday evening. I've been trying to call you but your number was switched off. I thank you from depth of my heart for you great support. The gto techniques were really helpful and let my mind clicked the ideas. Regards
Saksham, D Dun
I had been in many coaching institutes n appeared in ssb with preconceived ideas loosing my natural being.After I took guidance from Col Bisht sir,my queries regarding each tests in psychology has been clarified by sir.Sir focused more on being natural n work to be a gud person in life acquiring gud habits n traits,rest to be left on well experienced assessors.The feedback n assessment sir provided to every individual is indeed helpful n praiseworthy.I m pretty confident to perform better in life n automatically in ssb Thank you sir,
Naveen S Mahra ,Indian Navy
It's is a very good experience of Psychology class with Colonel Bisht Sir.. He started from the basics n went upto the highest level... Being a repeater 2 times I have little bit experience about the psychological test But... Sir's class really improved my point of view for TAT, WAT, SRT Or SD... n how to write them effectively. He also guided regarding the improvement one needed to do in his/her life as SSB is nothing it's a part of life.. Sir also gave Golden Rules/Mantras to get in our life so that we could achieve the level of Recommendation by the Services Selection Board.... Thank u sir for yr all efforts..
Jai Hind sir. I am Ajay Patil from Karnataka. Earlier I was facing some doubts regarding TAT of pysch test , so that made me to opt for Decoding TAT session By engaged by Lt Col Bisht sir. I would really appreciate the way you Mentor us sir, It was very informative session specially for me, this session cleared all my doubts/issues regarding Pysch tests and most important thing is, sir Not only limited himself to brief about TAT but he also gave us clear idea about the way how the thought process should be while attempting pysch tests and you also Gave the strategy to prepare ourselves for Pysch tests in our daily life routine. Thank you very much Sir..I would really like to recommend The winning edge SSB sessions to all my dear friends...Thank you...✌🏻 Jai Hind sir🇮🇳♥️
Ajay Patil